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Legal documents are made with certain rules and requirements. With that fact, everyone has to think about it carefully. When it comes to business matter and legal documents you need something to help you understand what you should write in it and whose names are written on it.

Today we have met the latest innovation of a platform which enables you to access the templates of various types of legal documents with a different purpose. There you can create the content of the letters by your own preferences but use the legal templates for business usage.

Not only about the business matter, we can also make the agreement when lending money to friends and also make the agreement on buying stuff. This platform is made to expand the knowledge of law so that people without a legal background can also participate in developing a new world with easier access to many types of legal document templates with the help of internet access.

Contract Vault Purpose

The main purpose of developing this platform is to share and spread the easiness and simple way to apply the advanced skill of people especially those who have business to take care of and also have the work dealing with documents.

Starting from a simple thought and problems when there is a limited number to access the template of legal documents, Contract Vault comes with an idea to create the bridge for people in need of example and access of those kinds of documents.

This platform is easy to access and simple to explore with complete choices of letters or agreement templates. Not only able to share the templates of legal documents, this platform also connected to several lending companies that will also help us in accessing a wide world marketplace. Here you can also match your choices with your needs while also looking for a suitable person to communicate.

Brilliant Concept

The idea of Contract Vault is to make the communication possible without we have to meet and communicate directly. Here the platform will connect between people who need to make legal documents with people with the need of creating a marketplace. Buying things can also lead you to the making of some sort of legal agreement with the letter with some points that need to be done by the people involved in the transaction.

Usually, there will be notifications and also reports when you do a transaction or more. Here the templates can also be edited and we rewrite the content to make it suitable for the activity we are dealing with. However, we need also to take a look at the requirements very carefully when registering because the data you input has to be accurate and complete in detail.

After that you need to verify the account you can start to access your dashboard and look at the templates you need to create. If you are trying to sell items with agreements you can start to make the letter first before opening the sale.

ICO Details

Symbol VLT
Price 1 CHF (Swiss Franc) = 10 VLT
Token Type ERC20
Phase I Mar 01, 2018 — May 15, 2018
Phase II June 01, 2018 — June 15, 2018
Token for sale 450,000,000 VLT
Soft Cap 1,000,000 CHF
Hard Cap   45,000,000 CHF

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