Every year hundreds of thousands of people disappear all over the world. Despite the fact that this problem is serious, it receives little attention from the government and the media, because in the world there are enough problems and "more important". Or have you ever traveled to a new place and saw a beautiful girl or a handsome guy and never meet after? That happens to all of us. Mostly boys, who can not express their feelings. Love at first sight but never met after the first sight. So what to do then, when there is no longer any nerves or strength to wait? The INSPEM service is here to help you.


INSPEM is not a new project. INSPEM allows its users to find people they met on the subway, parks or anywhere while traveling, on a city, crowd etc. INSPEM will be a Blockchain based technology that will take advantage of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help and improve people search and rescue mission. The INSPEM already have a running app for Android & iOS with more than 20,000 downloads already.

INSPEM uses the artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces and objects using mobile phones and static cameras, built on top of the Blockchain inducing complete transparency.

When the INSPEM service was introduced in 2015, it allowed users to find people they randomly encounter. INSPEM thought the idea would be used rampantly by the male majority, but to the team’s surprise, as the statistical data shows, 40% of the app users’ population are females.

By 2016 already, INSPEM decided to change direction. Their desire to reach the multi-billion market and become a more technologically advanced company, which employs artificial intelligence and is able to apply video analytics based on learning neural networks for face recognition – these have formed a new vision of the INSPEM platform.

Employment of Big Data and advanced video analytics allow us not only to satisfy the requests of a private individual to solve everyday tasks but also to use our resource to solve more noble and important tasks. These tasks include the city safety provision, direct involvement in criminals search, saving people’s lives on the streets, becoming a more effective way of missing people search.

The problem here is that there is no single unified database for people to use, there for your search is limited by a specific database. Another cause for the problem is that the video data that is uploaded on to the database is only received from a limited number of devices. That cause some serious problems, such as:

+ Missing people search

Quite a lot of time passes from the point a person has gone missing until the start of the search for them. If that person is not wanted on a federal or international level, their relatives have little to no chances to find them in another city.

+ Bystander/witness search

Looking for a person, who was in a specific place at specific time and you need to contact them? Found someone on a subway or in a park/bar/nearby car attractive, and you do not know how to find him or her?

+ Criminals search

Got your wallet, bag or other valuable item stolen? Find witnesses or video footage from the crime scene. For the majority of citizens the access to the third-party surveillance cameras footage is still impossible. It usually becomes possible only after an appeal to the police or by the judge’s decision. It is critical in those cases, when the footage has to be obtained swiftly.

Each city has a continuing «blind» zone problem; those are the zones outside the cameras sight. This problem is even more pronounced in the small towns.

INSPEM technology is built around the main principle: being able to find a person without revealing their personal information, which is of utmost importance in most of the countries. INSPEM solution is to utilize camera from any device. Any person on the planet would be able to connect any IP-camera, smartphone or a driving recorder to INSPEM platform on a software level. People just need to connect to the Internet and then start to upload your recorded data. Any user would be able to upload the picture of the searched person to the INSPEM service. What we get is the large database of people pictures, on one hand, and the large amount of video cameras, which analyze the continuous face flow in real time. When a match of a person you want to find is found, the platform exchanges both sides with valuables: a reward to a video camera owner for the provided resource, and the image of the recognized face with the video camera’s geographical coordinates.

+ AI-assisted people search

Employment of learning neural networks allow reaching exceptional video analytics effectiveness results. The search for the required person comes to a brand new level.

+ The whole world under sight

By 2020 there would be more than 1 billion of vidceo cameras worldwide. Any of those devices would be able to operate under our platform.

+ Safety & Health

Active implementation of partner services, which are targeted on the city safety improvement, ranging from the online registration of street fights and robberies with immediate transfer of such information to the appropriate services to saving lives through prompt response.


Token name: INP

Platform: Ethereum

Token standard: ERC 20

Base price of a single token: 1 ETH = 5000 INP

Minimal transaction: 0.1 ETH

Pre-Sale: March 20, 2018 — April 16, 2018

ICO: May 1, 2018 — May 28, 2018.


Because of it’s team members, consists of professional in different areas including Blockchain, smart contract, system administrator, designer and many more, INSPEM is already a success in the market.Mikhail Bondarenko is the founder and CEO of INSPEM, graduated from the Russian South Federal University, has business experience since 2010 and successfully started 5 projects, both in retail and the Internet. Beside Bondarenko is an experienced and professional team of members, without whom can not make this project possible.


INSPEM is capable of developing solutions, which would not only swiftly find the missing person, but also swiftly react to the events, that would be defined in our artificial intelligence algorithm as the emergencies, which require the swift intervention. Together with INSPEM, we can make our cities safer, and reduce the missing people search time to minimal. INSPEM has a professional team and a precise understanding of what has to be done in order to reach its goals. Trust in them and they will make our world a better place. What I can say here is the tremendous potential of this company. This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.




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