Multiversum new generation of digital data protection

MULTIVERSUM is a platform that enhances data layer through a self-verifying and distributed structure of organized data entities related to one another by symbolic links.

About Multiversum

Public health, finance, and the whole economic system are about to join the technologic revolution brought by Blockchain. One of our main goals is to meet the needs of every market entity that requires high operational security and can improve its productivity with Blockchain technology. With our high security and stability standards, we make the concept of Blockchain 4.0 real and operative, offering innovative and efficient solutions at trifling costs. The philosophy that inspired and leads Multiversum is ““Green Will” manifesto, which can be resumed in three words


The 4th Generation Relational Blockchain
Why is Multiversum the 4.0 Blockchain?

- Transaction Speed
In less than 0.2 seconds funds are transferred across wallets,including secure validation of the transactions. Among the fastest in the world.

- Transaction Throughput
Unmatched scalability: Up to 64,000 Tps (1000 Tps/core) on a 64 cores server.

- Proof of Integrity
PoS (Proof of Stake) will be replaced by PoI (Proof of Integrity).

- Eco-friendly
A Multiversum transaction will have insignificant costs and next to zero environmental footprint.

- Next Generation Wallet
Cutting edge security in access and funds transfers with biometric inputs.

- Rollback
Optional rollback can be activated on Multiversum-hosted tokens.

- Divisible Chains
Resources optimization among nodes because of chain severability.

- Relational Blockchain
A brand new blockchain which features different types of data, related in a multidimensional structure.

Technical Info

Multiversum aims for a generational step-up in the blockchain world, and as Unique Selling
Points, we are proposing the following objectives:
  1.  Achievement of a Crypto Relational DB with self-validating Complex Data Structures
  2. Divisible / re-joinable chains based on current system workload (Parallel Work)
  3. Data Sharding (Parallel Work)
  4. Advanced API offering
  5. Rollback (User Security)
  6. Freezable wallets (User Security)
  7. Integration of biometric data as seed for the Electronic Signature
  8. ERC23 interface (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  9. Native off-chain adaptors for its own ERC20/ERC23 (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  10. Native off-chain adaptors for ERC20/ERC23 guests (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  11. Proof of Integrity (Protocol Innovation)
  12. Double Access Lock (Structural Security)
  13. Reverse Access Denial (Structural Security)
  14. Reciprocal Chain Confirmation (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  15. Integration for Java, Spring and Javascript
  16. ACID model
  17. Transactional Model
  18. SQL-like language

The Multiversum ICO

The Multiversum pre-ICO began on March 1 and will end on March 31, 2018. The main ICO, meanwhile, is scheduled to begin on April 4 and end on June 10, 2018. Multiversum is seeking to raise $65 million USD during its token sale. Each token is priced at a base rate of $1 USD, although bonuses are available throughout the pre-ICO and ICO.

There’s a total supply of 141 million MTV tokens. 76% of the total supply is reserved for the token sale. The remaining tokens are dedicated to the founders and team (15%, locked for 12 months), collaborators (6%), and advisors and partners (3%).



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