MoneyToken is a completely new system to invest your money in a safe way, as some other fanancial systems may change the market price. This platform is an effective way to create your own stable coin.

Money Token is a new financial system based on cryptocurrencies. This one provides different financial services such as loans, MTC stable coin and a decentralized exchange service. It is composed of 3 main parts:

  • - MoneyToken Landing platform: allows investors to borrow the fiat currency in exchange to your cryptocurrency assets.
  • - MTC: personal stable coin. Investors are able to withdrawal MTC tokens to their ERC-20 waller and transfer this coins between others and exchange them to fiat currency.
  • - Decentralized exchange: allows investors to trade their crypto to currency savings.

MoneyToken allows you to take advantage of fluid payments rapidly, based on the current value of your virtual money that you are holding. With this platform, you are able to acquire the liquid investments and stay in your digital assets all at the same time.

It basically solves the problem of liquid funds in this virtual marketplace. Since spending virtual assets sometimes does not bring the holders advantage from any future development in value, owners purchasing low will get to enjoy this system because it help them deal on loan funding.

If you want to hold on to your crypto currency sanvings as you do not want to exchange them into fiat money, you can apply this system. Moreover, this one brings you a lot of benefits.

The process is simple. These are 4 steps to follow.
  1. Choose the credit terms on your own and the amount of money you would like to borrow.
  2. Deposit your crypto assets.
  3. Wait for the confirmation from the system.
  4. Get credit funds directly after getting the approval from the system.

Amanda – AI supporter

There is no need to worry about losing profits or not meeting your entire requirements when using MoneyToken as you have a robotic bank manager (or AI supported) named Amanda, who will be in charge of checking and approval of the loan operations and the user’s analysis. Moreover, Amanda will analyze your steps and offer you financial service that could be of your interest. You will probably change your thinking about banking.

MoneyToken ICO is trusted highly by the crypto community and 56 financial experts. Clearly, it is rated 3,94/5 by the ICO Holder; 4,1/5 by the ICO Bench.

Advantages of MoneyToken compared to traditional banks
  • - Auto confirmation in seconds or minutes
  • - No requirement for credit assessment or asset verification
  • - Customers manage their own lending conditions with the support of robotic supporter Amanda
  • - Able to store collateral in some cryptocurrency assets to make them stable and lower the increasing pressure on interest rate
  • - Safe and effective operations during the transfer and storage process
The White Paper claims that the retail value of the token will be 10 times greater than the ICO price and it will never be lower than the ICO value. Early investors can hold their takens at a lower cost.

The platform will grow popularly so that the value of the tokens grow over time.

Opportunities and risks

A big concern now is the lack of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. Investors may have to sell their coins earlier than they would like to gain access to funds.

This platform brings you a simple solution that is soon used and welcomed by the large number of investors who need to use it.

However, there are some risks that you really need to take them into account before deciding to investing in this ICO. Several compretitors also have similar ideas such as Moneto. In this case, you will be provided loans against Bitcoin and a different approach to the risk of falling prices.

Here're a few token details associated with this ICO plan.
  • · Ticker : IMT
  • · Price : USD 0.005
  • · Maximum emission : 22.49 billion
  • · Private sale : February 7 to March 21 (Hard cap: USD 1,500,000)
  • · Presale : March 22 to April 12 (Soft cap: USD1.5 MM, Hard cap: USD 5,000,000
  • · Token Sale : May 2 to June 6 (Soft cap: USD3 MM, Hardcap: USD35,000,000 MM)
  • · Bonus : Available
The list below includes 8 core members and 6 advisors.

The team’s head is CTO and Co-Founder Alex Rass – the Founder of ITBS LLS and has good experience of Fintech and software development.

Next is Ceo and Co-Founder Jerome MacGillvray – the CEO of a global R&D firm. A Blockchain enthusiast.

Jeffrey Chudy is the Finance head and used to work for many companies such as AIG, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, ect. He has over 15 years of experience in risk and valuation.

Owen Byrne, who has 15 years of experience in IT consulting and management, is responsible for Business Development. He is the Vice President of ITBS LLC.

Everyone in advisor team has good mixture of strengths as well. They have extensive experienced in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain techonology to the ICO. Those are Roger Ver, Mate Tokay, David Allen Cohen and Steve Robakh.

MoneyToken provides you effective solutions to the above-mentioned problems. This platform is considered to be user-friendly and get a hight level of trust from the crypto community as well as experts. MoneyToken can attract and encourge users with a low cost, safe lending model and automatic system methods.



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