Review of Traxion Ico — It is Frictionless with the Banks, Borderless for the People.

TraXion is building a crypto-economy to last, therefore, the focus will be on the scale, elimination of

middlemen, and decentralizing legacy systems. It aims to fill the gap between the existing financial system and emerging non-user-friendly technologies by presenting a secure and simple way to use payments and banking architecture that aims to lower financial inclusion barriers and provide financial services to the banked and unbanked.

  • Has a competent team with the relevant skills TraXion team have an average combined experience of 20+ years in various industries from business development and entrepreneurship, to cybersecurity, financial technology, and blockchain.
  • Has proof of concept and relevant products
    Traditional financial products and donation channels are innovated and made available through TraXion’s distributed financial infrastructure for aid candor, elimination of corruption, and financial inclusion.
  • Has current contracts and partners
    TraXion will be among the first distributed platforms on Hyperledger Fabric technology and has established working ties with several financial technology services for an all-in-one financial solution.
  • Has network of users and organizations
    Individuals, conglomerates, merchants, and non-profit organizations - all in a single infrastructure that enables a crypto economy free of obstruction, fraud, bureaucracy.

What Will Traxion Do?

Your smartphones are smart for a reason; they are an entire ally in the form of a device. And decide this major advantage, you see that what is valued the most today is fiat currency which can be lost, stolen, torn, or even devalued at will. Traxion intends to change that by establishing a threefold mechanism consisting of a crypto wallet, a blockchain, and smart contract formation for services and users to manage payment through it.

For example, a local diner in your neighborhood which you routinely visit for breakfast can have a smart contract setup which takes a certain amount from your wallet every morning you visit for the breakfast you buy. This way, the job of the owner and you will be both be eased out.

What is the vision Of TraXion?

TraXion has the vision to offer financial services to the unbanked and banked environment and low the barriers to participating in financial schemes by introducing a simple and secure way to use bank and payments. This approach will help to reduce the gap between growing non-userfriendly technologies and current financial system. By taking the services of Master Card, TraXion has built a wallet which will allow the user to secure or transfer the money to any card all over the world. The receiver and sender will transact in local currency so it is not necessary that a common person knows about blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. TraXion is focusing to eliminate the middlemen element and want to decentralize the legal system for the production of a crypto economy. To achieve its goal, TraXion is offering white label platform all over the world and connecting the users in permission, distributed and secured blockchain.

What are the core features of TraXion?

TraXion Wallet:
Traxion wallet allows the users to see data analytics, donation listing, and other reports. By using a disbursement gateway, this wallet enables funds transfer from a non profitable organization to a selected bank account. TraXion system soon will convert this wallet to Hyper TraXion wallet which can also remittance function and hold the payments in the wallet.

Public API:
TraXion is also allowing the merchants to get access to public API of this platform. In this way, they can become a part of TraXion ecosystem to get payments, donations or remittance by using HyperTraXion Wallet. The transaction can be confidential or public because TraXion is not demanding the only cryptocurrency from all users. The companies can use their own apps to integrate with TraXion system through API to receive payments or their customer can use HyperTrraXion wallet to make online payments for shopping or services either by using cash or cryptocurrency.

Smart Contacts:
TraXion is using smart contracts to improve performance management, good governance, the integrity of information and boosting the efficiency all over the network. It also facilitates 100 million transactions per second.

TraXion Chain:
Within the supply chain, TraXion is providing customized business facilities to deal with data integrity, asset tracking, and interoperability.

Peer to Peer lending:
Users can search for borrowers and lenders in the hyperTraXion wallet. The risks are reduced by using the build in deep machine learning which shows behavior parameters, credit card score on the basis of previous transaction and ability to transact or pay in the platform.

Which Token is used at TraXion?

TraXion has total 500 million TXN tokens out of which 250 million tokens are available for sale and unsold tokens will be burnt at the end. TXN token is used at its platform with a price of 0.001 ETH for 1 TXN token.

Who Can Use Traxion?

It might have been easy to disregard the technology had you been able to say that you do not pay bills or eat out in today’s world. Traxion is a usable technology for all which does not have any strings attached. Once you have money in your Traxionwallet, anything ranging from your bus tickets to your transactions across the globe can be managed by Traxion alone.

In the future, Traxion is set to unleash itself as a platform which accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum and become a globally renowned project which makes our lives easier.

Which Token is used at TraXion?

TraXion has total 500 million TXN tokens out of which 250 million tokens are available for sale and unsold tokens will be burnt at the end. TXN token is used at its platform with a price of 0.00035 ETH for 1 TXN token.

ICO Details

Start of Pre-Sale: 1st May 2018
End of Pre-Sale: 31st May 2018
Start of Crowd Sale: 15th June 2018
End of Crowd Sale: 31st August 2018
Total TraXion Token : 500,000,000
Token symbol: TXN
Token Price: 0.00035 ETH
Hard Cap: 100,000 ETH

Token Distribution

Pre-Sale : 8%
Crowd Sale : 40%
Reserve                : 20%
Team : 20%
Community : 5%
Bounty : 3%
CSR : 2%
Seed : 25

Fund Allocation

Legal & Compliance : 20%
Operations : 15%
Platform Development : 35%
Business Development : 30%


TraXion wants to give a global blockchain based banking system with Hyperledger technology. It will eliminate many drawback of the current banking system and provide many advantages to the international transactions. Along with cryptocurrency holders, the common man, NGOs, organizations and merchants can also used this blockchain. It will allow the traditional financial institutes to enjoy benefits from the advanced technology on the economical scale. If you are really interested in this project then visit its website for further details.

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