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ChangeNOW is a web platform created for simple and convenient exchange of any cryptocurrency. Essentially, there are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges: custodial and instant ones. The former accept users’ cryptocurrency and store it within their infrastructure until requested otherwise. The latter operate on each exchange separately without storing users’ private keys. Our project is dedicated to instant exchanges. Even though at the moment they are at the beginning of the race, we believe that in the near future this type of exchange will dominate the cryptocurrency world by promoting and empowering new decentralized technologies.

The platform is a brand new approach to exchanging Cryptocurrencies online, quickly and very easily. Two of the major benefits of Changenow are that you can make the transfer to another Cryptocurrency without the need for any registration and there are no minimum or maximum amounts to be worried about. You can achieve all of the above with 5 simple steps and the money is in your wallet within a matter of minutes. ChangeNOW makes sure that you receive the best rates possible by searching through all of the ten exchanges to secure the best possible conversion for you.


  1. With Blockchain being the backbone of this solution, naturally the platform will be transparent and decentralized
  2. There will be 200 tokens and Cryptocurrencies that users have the option to choose from all through fixed-rate exchanges. And because the transfer occurs almost immediately, the client does not lose out on a change of rate between pressing the “Go” button and receiving the new tokens/Cryptocurrency
  3. There are already plans on the Road Map to include a mobile version, which will be a huge benefit to all customers.
  4. Because there is no registration required, no personal details are stored within this product meaning that there is very little chance of fraud or scams happening.

How ChangeNOW works

Here are the basic steps used by ChangeNOW:

Step 1) Choose your crypto currency: for example, or fiat for any amount of cryptography. In the drop-down menu, you select the desired encryption allocation.

Step 2) Enter your wallet's address: enter your wallet, then click "Next". If you do not have a wallet, ChangeNOW will connect you to the platform to create a wallet.

Step 3) Confirmation: Check all information and click "Confirm".

Step 4) Deposit: ChangeNOW will generate the deposit address for you, and you send the deposit to this address.

Step 5) Earn Coins: ChangeNOW promises to find the best bet from one of the top ten built-in exchanges. Your transaction will be processed and you will receive your coin in bag destination. During the process, no KYC, email, or password is required. No long registration process, no account and no restrictions.

Generally, the exchange for ChangeNOW takes 5 to 30 minutes. CHANGENOW is trading in cryptographic money forms where you can switch silently with digital currencies.Rather than trading cryptresources with different clients, you pay CHANGENOW to buy a crypto transform for your benefit (or you buy CHANGENOW from your pool). You pay for administration, but you can secretly trade in an unlimited number of cryptographic forms of money. CHANGENOW will charge a commission of 0.5%. You can exchange many crypto changes, despite the fact that Bitcoin and Etherium are very well known.

ChangeNOW has a very simple interface which even a child can understand. All you have to do is specify the amount and the coin you want to send, as well as the coin you want to receive. Next, specify the wallet where you want to receive the money and pay the order . Everything happens automatically, and before confirming the application, you can immediately see how much the commission will be and how much money you get as a result. The commission is stable – 0.5% regardless of the volume or load of the system. Also note the speed of the transactions –changeNOW states that usually a transaction is performed within 5-15 minutes.

At ChangeNOW more than 100 coins are available, and the list is constantly expanding. Moreover, the list includes not only popular cryptocurrencies, but also rarely known tokens, which makes ChangeNOW a universal exchange. Also, the purchase of cryptos using Visa and MasterCard credit cards is available, but not the other way around.

Unlike ShapeShift and Chanelle, ChangeNOW has neither limits nor the need to register. The aim of the project is to make the exchange of cryptocurrencies as fast as possible, to return transparency and security to cryptocurrency payments.


As stated above, ChangeNOW claims to charge a fee of 0.5%. They don’t list any other fees. It appears that fee is automatically added to the exchange rate you pay. Based on that fee information, ChangeNOW seems very competitively priced.

  1. Secrecy: CHANGENOW does not store your own data, so you don’t have to make a record on the stage before you trade cryptographic forms of money.
  2. Usability: you can store your own particular digital currency in return or purchase cryptography with your Visa or Mastercard.
  3. Reasonable: CHANGENOW cases to pick the best conversion scale for you. All charges are unmistakably demonstrated before the trade.

ChangeNOW is a private initiative, implemented by entrepreneurs and players in the fields of Tech, Positive Impact and Event Planning – TEDx, Convergences, Vivatech, Le Web, Rude Baguette, Startup Career Day… - who have come together to tackle urgent environmental and social challenges and to use business as a force at the service of the planet.

KEVIN TAYEBALY - Co-Founder & Investor Relations
BRIERA DALE - International Expansion
NATHALIE TOUZÉ - Senior Adviser
BRUNO VINAY - Chief Experience Officer
CAROLINA MEZA - City Relations
KAKO DUBS - Curator and education expert
MARIANNE JOSSELIN - Project manager
ANNE-COLINE DE BEAUREGARD - Partnerships Manager
Head of Logistics


Want to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency, but don’t want to deal with accounts and KYC verification on an exchange? ChangeNOW wants to help. You pay a premium exchange rate for ChangeNOW’s services, but you get to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies in an anonymous way. The service appears to be reputable and is designed to be easy to use. It also charges a fee of just 0.5%.

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