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Cryptassist is a blockchain platform which will provide every information and tools related to the crypto world. This platform will be useful for both the beginners and a crypto expert. The main aim of this project is to reduce the complexity of the crypto sphere and make this place easy to access for everyone. The various tools and services of this platform will send notifications to the users based on their unique profiles and investment strategies. Cryptassist will be a web and mobile-based application through which the users can get all the important information of the cryptocurrency field. CTA will be the token used in this platform

Features of Cryptassist Platform:

  • Cryptassist Debit Card:

Every user will be issued a debit card. Users can convert their cryptocurrencies to CTA. This CTA tokens can be then converted to fiat and stored in the debit card. This debit card will also be used at ATMs and also for online and offline purchases.

  • Cryptassist CryptoGo:

CryptoGo is similar to the game Pokemon Go. Cryptassist will help ICOs to manage their airdrops. The coins will be then dropped at various locations just like Pokemon Go. This will benefit users to go to these places and earn rewards or coins. Prior notification will be given to the users of the specific location where airdrop will be held.

  • Cryptassist Cryptstarter:

This feature will allow creative projects to raise funds. The users can communicate with the creators of the project within the application and can rate it. The users can fund the project with the help of CTA tokens. But the project will get the raised fund in the form of fiat from the platform to avoid the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency. This feature will help users and investors to have access to detailed information about the project before investing.

  • Cryptassist Exchange:

This exchange will work just like other cryptocurrency exchanges and provide an easy to access platform for both established traders and new-comers. 50% discount will be given to the users whenever they trade using CTA tokens. It will also integrate new currencies which will enter the market as the industry will grow.

  • Cryptassist ChatPay:

Cryptassist chatpay will function like a messenger. Users can use this Dapp to communicate with contacts and merchants. Users can also chat with other users of this platform who are located nearby to buy goods and services. This eliminates the middlemen and the users can directly chat with the sellers and buy the goods in crypto.

  • Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation (CPI)

Cryptassist is also contributing to the welfare of the society by developing this feature. CPI will help the donors to track their donations and thus gives them assurity that whether their donations have reached the non-profit organizations (NPO) or not. Donors can donate with the cryptocurrency of their choice. The NPO will also have the choice to accept the funds in fiat or in cryptocurrency. If the NPO wants the donation in fiat then the cryptocurrency donated will be converted to fiat in the platform and then sent to the NPO.

  • Cryptassist ICO Assistant:

This feature will help ICOs to launch their project on this platform and raise funds. The coins of these ICOs will also be listed on the Cryptassist exchange platform. The ICO assistant will provide a profile to the ICO project where detailed information and important links will be provided so that the investors can check it. Live chat will also take place in the platform where investors can connect with the team members of the project.

These were some of the features of the platform. There are many more features which are listed in the whitepaper of this project and explained in detail.


ICO Details:

Duration of ICO: June 28th – August 11th, 2018

A maximum of 6.75 B CTA will be sold during ICO and Pre-sale

25 M CTA coins are reserved for Bounty Program

1.5 B CTA coins are reserved for the team (locked for 6 months)

1.725 B CTA coins are reserved for Airdrops, exchange listings and

promotional activities

Ticker: CTA

Platform: S-Scrypt. (Will be converted to a DAG based algorithm)

Price: $0.05 USD

Hard Cap: $236.25 M USD

Soft Cap: $36.98 M USD

Feel free to click on this link to participate in the ICO .

Note that, during the ICO, contributions in the top 100 cryptocurrencies as listed on CoinMarketCap at 12am CST on the 28th of June, 2018 will be accepted. Contributions by Fiat and by bank wire or PayPal are also accepted.


Q3 2017 – The first concept was created by the founders.

Q4 2017 – Core team was founded. Test applications were designed and beta trading tools built that led to the decision to progress to full development.

Q1 2018 – Product development started.

Q2 2018 – Start Initial Coin Offering

Q3 2018 – Finalizing the ICO

– Cryptassist Exchange introduced. Webshop introduced. CTA coins listed on exchanges. Customized debit card introduced. OTC platform launched. Alpha version of application. Users can register accounts and deposit CTA coins into their account wallet.

Q4 2018 – Cryptassist Mobile Application project fully launched, including pay-per-alert push notifications. Cryptassist Freelancer added to the platform.

Q1 2019 – DAG algorithm implemented. Cryptstarter launched. Individual coin and exchange pages are available and amount of coins/exchanges tracked will increase. Cryptocurrency news tab and new coin alerts implemented.

Q2 2019 – Release of web client with desktop notifications. Implementation of news and social feeds to the algorithmic trading bot to increase accuracy of Cryptassists and track potential movements.

Q3 2019 – Increasingly customizable user interface. Team continues to add content and functionalities.

Q4 2019 – Additional application feature development and development planning continues.


Cryptassist is associate degree bushed one platform. it’s sort of a single arrow aiming at numerous services. The platform is flooded with the Services and provides a full heap of opportunities to the beginners and settled businessmen. cryptassist is that the most accessible, secure and reasonable platform benefiting everybody. This platform isn’t developed by a bunch of amateurs, however a team of extremely qualified professionals that comes from totally different places within the world and unite along to create such a platform. The platform can solve and cut back the challenges for the cryptocurrency. In my opinion, this platform could be a terribly competent one and can convince be terribly helpful within the long-standing time. and therefore the cherry on prime is that the approach this project understands the importance of cryptocurrency in our lives. And this can be why i’m a great deal in support of the project.

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