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We are at the point where the principle of centralization ecosystem will be replaced with decentralization ecosystem. we are already familiar with blockchain technology that running on in decentralization platform. soon or later it will become to be a part of human life . and it was already running on that track. the blockchain technology allows us to do many great things using this technology.

As we know, the development of digital platform from time by time and obviously were experiencing the incredible accelerations. services and features that were produced are always more sophisticated and advanced than the previous version development. Is this reasonable? Of course

At the moment, we are in an acceleration age nowadays where the world and technology are changing rapidly, this circumstance is due to the development of such technology massively for many purposes that aim to solve the problems. In the current era, almost there aren't the problems which can not be solved with the assistance of technology, these things are very different if compare than the previous few decades ago, we fell the situation where the movement and development of any sector in the world run slowly.

Financial disruption is one of the hottest topics today. Many startups are trying to revolutionize financial service, helped by the rapid advancement of the blockchain technology. here introduce to you a breakthrough in financial service.

What is ? is a platform that has a purpose and focuses on providing financial service especially in cryptocurrency financial services such as a lending platform. utilizing cryptocurrency as a collateral asset and serving loan to individual borrowers and connect directly to institutional investors and family offices financial resources, so borrowers are able to gain fiat money without selling the cryptocurrency asset. Implement blockchain technology and utilizing the benefit of utility within the platform makes platform run in decentralization ecosystem and using powerful system and resource that can make the global financial system for every cryptocurrency holder gaining opportunity to gain worth and equal loan. Decentralization that applied within platform Grants the transparency, secure and easy-to-use financial service, eliminate centralization entity. those points present as the benefit of decentralization ecosystem.

The Current Problem at Financial service?

Traditional financial authorities aren’t classified cryptocurrency as the financial assets which can be utilized as collateral. At the same time both procedure, security, and application that have to be through are totally different. There aren’t any system are capable to serve those as collateral.

In another case. the cryptocurrency holder face the risky to selling cryptocurrency for short-term and then repurchasing because of volatility and the precise timing to repurchasing the same cryptocurrency that had sold.

Getting the loan in cash based on financial banking service pushed to the borrower to provide additional personal document and also contain risk the denial the borrower’s approval based on credit history. As we know in other side creditor are guaranteed and assessing the collateral asset which is pledged. Clearly, show there aren’t the win-win solution here. In fact, the personal data which already exposed aren’t guaranteed to misused after the publication on application approval submission.

What Does Offer?

Here the short video regarding of lending platform give easy access to borrowers gain fiat money loan by using their cryptocurrency assets as a collateral asset. The cryptocurrencies holder no needed to sell their crypto asset. just make those assets as the collateral asset with certain contract time as payment due that borrower has to pay (30 days ).

The borrowers receive up to 70% of fiat money at the exchange rate at that time. To get back you crypto asset borrowers should return certain fiat money with interest to the lender that tied with the smart contract. Don’t worry smart contract which safe contract that generates transparency in every transaction and adequate security to grant all transactions are safe. Moreover, the rate of cryptocurrency tracks automatically so the depreciation and volatility can be supervised every time and real-time. To ease also both lenders and borrowers .eCOINOMIC provide 10 top cryptocurrencies as the collateral asset. the minimum dollar amount is allowed to lend is USD 200.

The smart contract protects from unresponsible activity such as cancellation of a deal loan agreement. It totally secures the points of agreement lending in the platform. will refund you the remainder of the pledged asset after make sure and secure the agreement payment obligation and forward to the lender as investors.

At this moment, make cryptocurrency can be looked as a digital asset and can be utilized more. By opening opportunity in lending service surely open the chance for liquidity for cryptocurrencies to grow bigger. Because of its utilization directly make a connection between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial market worldwide.

The rapid development of blockchain technology and the capitalization has reached the worth of the total of USD 290 billion has open wider opportunity to make this become alternative securities and surely can change and developed the market of secured loans increasingly. From the view of fact aforementioned before. Offering and the open new era of financial service that can only provide in traditional financial banking service. It is not affected by the boundaries of territory or time limit surely. At the moment make the cryptocurrencies can be looked as a common acceptable type of financial asset.

How Does it work Solve The Situation?

As described before (smart contract implication 1.1) both on the lending process and successful loan closure the smart contract being the most and main important core of the transaction. it's locked and can not interfere with any parties so it absolute secure, and transparent, all transactions are trackable in immutable ledger and record in register ledger.

first, the coin owner filling the amount of fiat currency is equally with their crypto asset rate at the time and propose their crypto asset as collateral. the mechanism will be ruled by a smart contract and if the application fills the requirement. it will broadcast to the lender by accessing lending platform. the lender will consider the asking and if it fits with their consideration. they will send a certain number of fiat money according to the amount which asked by borrowers. the period of payment is set for 30 days maximum. for a single loan, contract amount is specified at a level up to USD 10.000.

Loan closure, the coin owner pays a certain number of fiat money (include interest) as same as loan agreement contract. the application process by smart contract before then forwarded to the lenders. if that loan closure application is true and fit. then the lender will receive the money back and the coin owner will gain their crypto asset back. it runs simple and gives astonishing ease to both of parties.

Other Wide Opportunities In platform doesn’t stop serve lending service only. expanding its expansion service surely give many opportunities to the crypto holders worldwide to explore more and both investors and crypto holder can gain benefit from attractive financing mechanism and cooperation within platform. Following the other service

- Investment and asset management.

Those services are important according to the need for interaction between users and partners. The user-friendly and transparent asset management become one of the things that give concern more by

- Exchange it’s the service platform which trade occurs here. Easy to use API and interface become one of the characteristics in platform.

- Transfer and mutual settlements between users and partner projects. Proposing the mutual settlement is One of the Characteristics in decentralization platform. providing it as the on of key element service.

Meet the Team

Behind the project, there is a very motivated and hard-working team. Below you can find the member of the team. The team consists of 30 experts and professionals persons who have the incredible experience, skill, and knowledge in fintech industry, software development, and blockchain technology For more information on the team, you can check out on their website (link below). There you can also find the links to the LinkedIn profiles from each team member. The team takes this project very seriously and my experienced also have shown that they answer questions regarding their project very fast and good on the telegram chat (join the chat, the link is below at the end of this article). In addition, there are seven advisors that guide and help them in their work. This is a great mix of professionals that will lead the company to excellent results. Roadmap

Successful Project always has a purpose to reach. these points can be read easily on a roadmap to track every progress will be through on the project. easily shown on the roadmap to track the progress of the project. As you can see following below, the Roadmap of looks very clear and informing. the team has planned in detail the big amount of tasks to be done and to be through. just looks the roadmap truly promising.

CNC Token Sale

The have their own cryptocurrency, which is called CNC. Those tokens will be used as fuel for interaction within platform. here the details as follow

Total Token Supply: Up to 2,100,000,000

Tokens Available for the Token Sale: 1,550,000,000

Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, NEO, XMR, ZEC

Excluded countries: the USA (except for accredited investors), Singapore (except for accredited investors), Peoples Republic of China

Hard Cap: USD 106,000,000

Soft Cap: USD 6,000,000

Crowdsale Development Stage starts: 01.05.2018

Crowdsale Development Stage ends: 01.06.2018

Token Distribution and Allocation collected fund divided 2 stages. first fund gathering during pre-sale and development stage is mostly used for development of the project and the fund gathering during reserve stage will be used mostly for the reserve. for the distribution the token will be distributed for reserve stage of token sale is around 72%, presale dan development stage of token sale (2%), Bounty (1%), advisors (12%), Team (13%).

Further Information

I knew my review is far from completeness. surely there are many ideas relate to project in your mind. For further information please take a look at their official website, as well as their official communication channels. Also, please feel freely post questions and feedback in the comment, so I can try to answer them. Thanks for reading! #eCoinomic #cryptocurrency #lending eCOINOMIC official Channel

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