Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are going to be popularized in many countries such as: Japan, Canada, Israel, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore... and world-wide afterwards. The internet users will either sign the e-contract and/or smart-contract, which were first proposed by Nick Szabo, who coined the term, in 1994. The more advance means of payment will be added/applied for all online businesses, as well as the rewards/bonus system for online. consumers.

The Ethereum blockchain technology is based on the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm and now plans to switch to Proof of Stake (PoS). Contractium, which is based on Ethereum with the Proof-of-Contract (PoC) algorithm. On the next generation of smart contracts and is building smart ethereum-based contract technology to secure commercial agreements between contristors and contractors on the internet with the Proof-of-Contract protocol.

Contractium Network is a software designed to showcase the Contractium Proof of Contract (PoC), which is in line with the Proof of Stake (PoS) futuristic model of the Ethereum blockchain rather than the existing Proof of Work (PoW). The Contractium software stands to provide various services among which are peer-to-peer payment smart contracts digitalisazion of document and contracts governmental services currency exchange and emittance token money issuance (CTU TOKENS).

This enables businesses and commercial users to create markets, store registries of debts or promises, move funds in accordance with instructions given long in the past (like a will or a futures contract) and many other things that have not been invented yet, all without a middle man or counterparty risk.

This project will be bootstrapped via an CTU token presale in March 2018 by contributors all around the world. It is being developed on Ethereum Platform. 

Contractium (, decentralized software based on the Ethereum smart contract. Contractium helps general users make smart contracts easily, safely, and unreliable to work together, without technical skills. Contractium helps business users issue tokens easily on blockchain networks, first on the Ethereum network, with no technical skills.

With Mission helps contractors and contractors to sign smart commercial contracts easily & honestly. make smart commercial contract easy & safe. And help users earn extra money with their online consumption. With the vision goal of making Application smart contract internet users. Eliminate print contract. Replacing the traditional bonus system online.

So, what is contractium?

Contractium is a decentralized software that based on Ethereum smart contract, which helps users create smart contract easily via desktop- / mobile- / web- app.
Contractium will eliminate the print contract that required signatures between two or more parties and/or notarized by the public notary or the other third party.

A payment gateway (in those countries that accpet cryptocurrency as the international liquidity).
An online rewards system (in the rest countries of the world).

Contractium Network Foundation

Freelance – freelancers will now be able to a contractium smart contract easily to work with their employers and vice versa. Employers will in turn pay for their services received and get bonuses from the freelancers.

E-Commerce – with Contractium integrated into E-Commerce sites, customers will be able to access the rich features of the Contractium application and withdraw their tokens earned as bonuses
Online Gaming – the thriving gaming industry is also not left out. Devs can always use the Contractium platform as means of payment while gamers who buy and pay for paid games can always be rewarded with CTU tokens instead of the traditional game points.

Social Media – users of these platforms can always be rewarded with CTU tokens when consuming paid/business information from publishers, content creators as well as other form of services obtainable from social networks and other related agencies in this niche.

Advertising – advertisers can create smart contracts to deal with users/agencies for ads campaign. Contractium perfectly fits into this area with the Contractium Network facilitating Smart contract creation, payment and reward/bonus system.

Social Data – with Contractium, users of various sites can obligingly sell their details to relevant agencies who seek to use these data for their various business research or advert purposes unlike the secret and unofficial usage of these data by erring organizations.


  • Help contracter & contractee sign the commercial smart contract easily & trustfully.
  • Make commercial smart contract easy & secured.
  • Help users earn extra money with their online consumption.


  • Internet users’ smart contract application.
  • Eliminating print contract.
  • Replacing online traditional rewards/bonus system.

The detail of Contractium tokens:

The CTU token is the key fuel of the Contractium network, which enables full development of the Contractium Foundation. In order to support the future of blockchain, smart contract, the company will proceed an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), as followed details of CTU:

Token symbol: CTU
Total supply:
For sales: 1.500.000.000
PreICO: 1 ETH = 15000 CTU
Platform: Ethereum
Soft-cap: 2M USD (equivalent to 3000 ETH)
Hard-cap: 10M USD (equivalent to 15000 ETH)

The ICO event has 4 periods as followed:

Private Sales: From 7th July, 2018 to 8th August, 2018 ( as planned)
Pre-Sales: From 8th August 2018 to 9th September 2018 (as planned)
Public Sales: From 9h September 2018 to 10th October 2018 (as planned)
Token Sales: From 10th October 2018 to 11th November 2018 (as planned)

Each of the 4 ICO periods has each bonus rate as followed:

Private Sales: + 65% bonus.
Pre-Sales: + 45% bonus.
Public Sales: + 25% bonus.
Token Sales: + 15% bonus.

Target sales of each ICO periods as followed:

Private Sales: 15% of the fund.
Pre-Sales: 25% of the fund.
Public Sales: 35% of the fund.
Token Sales: 25% of the fund.

Token allocation:

Pre-ICO & ICO 900,000,000
Contractium Team: 200,000,000
Foundation reserved: 100,000,000
Advisors & Partners: 100,000,000
Bounty & Marketing: 200,000,000


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