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Entertainment is considered an essential part of one’s life.  Every day you will certainly find boredom and to overcome this, you often look for different ways to get entertained. One of the best ways that people find to get rid of boredom is enjoying or watching videos and movies.  It is one of the best ways through which one can easily enjoy their free time without getting interacted with anyone. Well, enjoying videos and movies have several restrictions on where to enjoy those videos and movies you need to pay to enjoy those contents. But, now there is no need of paying to enjoy your favorite contents as there is a platform offering its users chance to stream the content and that isMONVID.


It is a decentralized platform that makes use of blockchain technology to cut-pass, sensor restrictions as well as filters to provide users streaming platform and videos that are ad-free and easy to use. The founder of this platform aim is to provide its users with their favorite viewing experience while avoiding the restrictions. Furthermore, they want that users should use blockchain technology to stream videos and movies. They have built this platform with TV streaming and proxy video to bypass all the censorships and restrictions imposed worldwide.

Basically, this platform is built on two functions that are:

  • P2P video sharing– with the help of this function will allow video creators and owners to easily share their videos to any person worldwide to see and at no cost where the shared video will be appreciated by the platform community.
  • Proxy video streaming– MONVID also allows its users to bypass the censorships and restrictions that inhibit from the streaming videos and movies on the normal centred Due to platform’s decentralised nature, the users of this platform can create a safe bridge between themselves and this platform by using their phone or computer from any part of the world.

What makes MONVID different?

Several factors make this platform different from its competitors were the
  1. First one is privacy in other platforms where you rarely get privacy to secure your content here on this platform you will get complete safety and privacy to secure your content.
  2. The second factor is cost efficiency, in most platforms you need to pay to subscribe those videos and movies, but MONVID is fully distributed on the decentralized network that allows the content owner and creators to easily and freely share their resources with others.
  3. The third factor is advertisements, often you start to watch a video you need to will see some advertisements but on this platform, users can stream videos without any advertisements for great fun.
  4. Content ownership at this platform, content owners and creators will have sole proprietorship on all those contents that they create. They can control it in any way as they want.
  5. Transferring encrypted data- often, encrypted data gets transferred which creates lots of problem for the content creator. Well, on this platform content owners and creators will get extra security over their contents.
However, to enjoy all these services it is important for you to buy MVID tokens where 35% of the tokens are kept for marketing, 30% for marketing software development, 10% for legal expenses, 5% for administrative expenses and 5% for sales.

Token Price & Bonus

The Monvid network needs to raise funds for the completion of this great project through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the ICO pre-sale began on the 15th of April 2018.

The ICO Price of MVID token is valued at 0.00005 ETH which is equivalent to about $0.03 with the present rate of Ethereum.

There will be up to 100% fixed bonuses during the Token-Sale, and there will also be up to 20% bonuses for greater investments. You can know more about this on Monvid’s website.

Below is the table that shows the applied bonus tokens on successful investments:

Total Investments

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