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There is no doubt that Blockchain’s strongest case is to be used for logistics and transportation. This is due to the many times everyday view of blockchain; that it allows impervious and obvious monitoring of transactions. At its core, logistics is a collection of transactions that link a product from raw cloth via to consumer. Therefore, the traits of blockchain have the energy to revolutionize contemporary provide chains.

The have an effect on of this technological know-how can't be understated as it can transform the logistics and transport management industry, which generates approximately 13% of GDP globally. With the help of Blockchain, communications and border administration can be improved, which ought to generate an additional $1 trillion in world trade, in accordance to the World Economic Forum.

Blockchain first grew in popularity as a technologically advanced method of transferring value. Now, the equal underlying technology has the ability to profoundly change the way physical goods are transferred. While some businesses have attempted to create blockchain options for modern-day logistical problems, no complete answer exists today. Current preferences revolve around pricey RFID chips or an overt reliance on purchaser input. EndChain focuses on the whole logistics chain: from producer to businesses to client to reseller. The purpose of EndChain is to grow to be the blockchain answer that the logistics industry desperately needs with the aid of allowing one blockchain that is convenient to use for all verticals of the grant chain.

EndChain’s aim is to disrupt the logistics industry thru decentralization, open protocols and utilities. The purpose is to connect producers, transportation companies, forwarders and different events in convenient to  navigate transactions where have faith is now not an issue. This will lead to a seamless trade of goods while growing security, transparency and traceability.

How does Endchain work?

EndChain will integrate all products on its furnish chain with patent pending barcode and QR code aggregate to assist groups and stop users without difficulty use the chain. In addition, this aggregate will reduce confusion between logistics providers and enable EndChain to without difficulty integrate existing systems.

The foremost challenges going through producers nowadays are supply chain management. EndChain presents options to this trouble by tracking all products from the second they are mounted to their end. To function the tracking, each product used to be scanned at the production web page and assigned a unique identifier in the chain.

In addition, EndChain will dispose of theft and ensure accountability through service code, scanned and despatched to distribution and transport centers. This tracks the paths of the gadgets via the distribution method to their last destination.

Once the customer receives their item, EndChain will limit the amount of work finished with the aid of store team of workers and shoppers considering the fact that the employee will solely be required to scan the item to register the product as sold on. blockchain.

Consumers can resell their objects the use of the EndChain system, which will facilitate the whole manner to make sure the authenticity of the historic item.

A Comprehensive Network

EndChain has packaged their monitoring gadget with a clever AI. This AI uses massive records being fed via it to perceive bottlenecks and fraud. Moreover, the patron can ensure the authenticity of a product with a single scan of their EndChain’s unique monitoring id. Even secondhand items can be scanned to decide origin and possession history. EndChain’s token is used to pay for their services such as their AI tool. Two to four percent of the coin expenses will be destroyed. This consequences in the fee of last coins increasing.

Stable Economy

A blockchain corporation can only be as sturdy as its economy. EndChain promises to cater its corporate customers as properly as its investors. They purpose to use a deflationary self-regulating financial system to make certain that the wishes of its customers are met. A token needs a thriving marketplace to be successful. A constant stream of consumers ensures steady and stable prices. For such purposes, EndChain is enticing groups to buy and preserve EndChain tokens.

Problem Solved

It has usually been an assignment for world consumers to make sure the originality and legitimacy of the products they receive. It is too handy for fraudulent entities to deceive customers and supply pretend merchandise with low quality. Which works to discourage buyers from the company and hurts the brand’s reputation.

EndChain is the best answer for all such troubles as it focuses on the lower give up of the market, presenting a reliable and secure monitoring machine for all the stakeholders involved. Even buyers buying secondhand goods will be in a position to choose the authenticity of their buy and the ownership history. Companies will be in a position to make certain their services attain their buyers as is and their manufacturer names are not misused. EndChain genuinely is one answer for all.

EndChain – Logistics Made Simple

In an industry the place innovation used to be growing rarer and tech giants were shelving modern ideas for the fear of competition, decentralized technologies such as blockchain have managed to thrive. The predominant purpose being the elimination of the intermediary buyers who had the money startups wished, however, took manage of the thoughts in the process. Every day we see new and special principles bubble up to the market’s floor no matter their infancy. Decentralized technologies based on blockchain are seeping into each part of the global market. One such innovation is EndChain.

Details Endchain ICO and ENCN token

– Token:  ENCN
– ICO Day:  1/12/2018 – 30/04/2019
– ICO Price:  1 ENCN = 0.24 USD
– Bonus:  50%
– Platform: Ethereum
– Accept contributions:  BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
– Soft cap:  US $ 4,000,000
– Hard cap:  15,000,000 USD
– Country:  Hong Kong
– Whitelist / KYC:  No

EndChain Token Distribution

ICO 74,567,312 ENCN 55.00%

Future Development 29,826,925 ENCN 22.00%

Team 13,557,693 ENCN 10.00%

Team - Leadership 6,778,847 ENCN 5.00%

Advisors + Partners 6,778,847 ENCN 5.00%

Bounty & Referrals 4,067,308 ENCN 3.00%


Nov 2017 Development of EndChain concept

Feb 2018 Whitepaper v1 completed design process flow

Jun 2018 Discussions with patent lawyers

Aug 2018(1) First working version of the unique EndChain QR code/barcode (2) Different versions being tested for efficiency

Sep 2018(1) Launch of www.EndChain.io (2) Release of a finalized EndChain Whitepaper

Oct 2018(1) Setting up ICO and reaching out to potential partners (2) Obtain patent pending status

Dec 2018 Start token crowdsale (GMT+8, 01:00, 1 Dec 2018)

Jan 2019(1) Finish of crowdsale (GMT+8, 01:00, 15 Jan 2019) (2) Token distribution following internal and external audit

Mar 2019(1) Develop beta smart contract library (2)  Basic KYC framework development (3) Prepare strategic partners for early adoption

Jun 2019(1) Direct communications infrastructure (2) Create API for easy use of our system

Sep 2019(1) Complete test platform for contracts (2) Alpha-testing of Minimal Viable Prdoduct through existing app with leading partner

Dec 2019(1) Beta testing of the app, roll out beta to a more partners (2) UI and UX improvements to app

Mar 2020(1) Discuss with beta testing users and update app based upon suggestions (2) Improve app functionality and backend integration

Jun 2020(1) Improvements for fraud reporting and allocation (2) Train AI to recognize patterns in fraud

Sep 2020 Full version of app launch

Dec 2020(1) Big data analytics opens (2) Further development and features to be announced

For More Information:

Whitepaper: https://www.endchain.io/assets/whitepaper/
Github:   https://github.com/EndChain
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/EndChainIO
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/EndChainIO/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfngp1u5OimZkTEm1NX78yQ

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