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The IDAasset digitisation ecosystem (IDA Ecosystem) will drive the digitalisation of the real economy using an innovative asset digitisation business model that combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, data-driven financing, and mobile robots. The IDA Ecosystem enables thedata to truly constitute assets with enhanced digital ownership rights on the blockchain. At the same time, itincreases the connectivity and circulation of real assets, through creating an "Internet of everything" that promotesdigitalisation of the real economy. The IDA Ecosystem provides an enterprise asset digitisation solution and functionality to build a thriving ecosystem for exchanging all qualified real assets.

Technology Overview

✅Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger maintained over an encrypted online eer-to-peer (P2P) network. Transactions are verified by a consensus mechanism across distributed nodes in the network before data is recorded in a noneditable chain structure. This novel ledger technology achieves both greater security and transparency. Transactions are completed according to smart contracts that are executed by automated scripts, protected with data encryption, and verified by distributed participants in the network. In essence, a blockchain secures information in the database through having transactions verified by independent parties across the network. In contrast to previous distributed databases, a blockchain has the following distinguishing characteristics:

➡️Decentralised “ trustless ” transactions: enables secure interactions between parties without a need for direct third-party intermediaries or oversight. This greatly reduces or eliminates transaction risk. 
➡️Authorised users: users have full control over their data and transactions. 
➡️High-quality data: supports more complete data with greater consistency; that is moreinstantaneous, accurate and broadly accessible. 
➡️Durability, reliability and resilience: network decentralisation means that there is no single locus of vulnerability, hence precluding malicious attacks. 
➡️Transparency and permanence: By removing the need for a third- party authority, users are assured that transactions will be reliably executed according to a mutual agreement. 
➡️Simplification of the ecosystem: Including every transaction in the public ledger reduces the inconsistencies and complexities of maintaining multiple sets of records. 
➡️Rapid transactions: Inter-bank transactions can take multiple days for processing and finalisation; particularly outside of set business hours. 
➡️Low transaction costs: Due to its decentralised structure, blockchain technology reduces or eliminates transactional fees associated with third-party intermediaries.

Digital Assets

Digital assets could include web properties, applications, programs, program code, digital documents, photographs, media,cryptocurrencies, email addresses and its correspondence, social media accounts and its contents, cloud services, data and more. From an economics perspective, asset digitisation consists of converting ownership rights into a binary code format that can be transacted in daily life or commercial operations.

Vision for IDA 

The asset digitisation platform of IDA is a global marketplace helping asset holders and investors to use tokenisation to convert and exchange digitised resources over the blockchain. 
-Asset holders can create and offer their own secondary tokens, thereby adding value to assets. 
-Consumers in the ecosystem can exchange asset tokens to transact across asset categories. 
-Ecosystem participants can potentially receive incentives through participating in transactions.

Key advantages

Global economy
Many companies have some financial capital to successfully develop their strategies. Such companies are able to launch various projects in the real world. But these companies don't have the ability to do the same in the digital world. The developers have created the IDA platform for these purposes. They want to enable these companies to move the capital to a new digital market, where the companies will launch new projects. Also, the companies will be able to start a business without special knowledge. Artificial Intelligence and digital assets will help them adapt faster.

The best option for the company's development
Users of the IDA platform will also have the opportunity to use their finances wisely.
The companies will be able to find the optimal solution for the use of free money due to the gradual increase in the popularity of their products and services. Clients of the platform will be able to enter the world market without any problems. All assets will be used efficiently and reasonably. Also, small companies can really solve many of their problems that do not give them the opportunity to fully develop in the modern market. Now these problems include: illogical use of capital, lack of experience of interaction with new customers and products, as well as the illiterate distribution of free money.

Industry impact
There are no services on the market to date that allow timely and secure digitization of assets. The IDA platform provides these capabilities to its users. All of them will be able to digitize their own assets, thereby transferring their companies to a new market in the digital space. To get a powerful push in the development of their company, users can also take a cryptocurrency loan. It only takes a few minutes to create a loan application. Terms of the loan will be very soft and profitable. Blockchain and smart contract in such cases act as a guarantor of cooperation. All these advantages will allow companies to gradually develop and discover many opportunities in completely new markets.

IDA Tokens

IDA tokens will be used as units of exchange between members of the IDA ecosystem. The goal of introducing an IDA token is to provide a safe and convenient way of payment and settlement between participants who interact in an ecosystem in the IDA ecosystem.

While MRT is a digital representation of real assets and equity shares in the IDA ecosystem. However, in order to truly allow the distribution of assets on digital platforms, it is necessary to create standard formats for transactions in the media. Token IDA solves circulation problems for the MRT, which represent different asset categories.

IDA tokens will be used in the following ways:

To provide a technological base and maintain MRT.
To provide a technological solution and a payment mechanism for the release of MRT.
As payment of transfer fees to MRT market.
As a computing resource required for transactions.
As the cost of computing resources consumed.
As a unit of exchange for measuring and paying for services.

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