MESG: The new economy of app development

MESG is a technology-agnostic network of Services. It is a decentralized building platform for apps and businesses where developers can build solutions from a library of shared, pre-built bridges to features on technologies.

MESG is a building platform for developers which uses event-driven programming so maintainable, powerful applications can be built with the ease. It lets you start building future-proof applications today.

Any technology which sends or receives data can be connected to MESG, including blockchains, and with services connecting to a communal message broker called Core, rather than directly to your unique applications, services and applications can be easily shared and reused.

The MESG infrastructure is based upon event-driven programming, so Applications built using MESG are designed to listen to events and react with tasks, resuling in easily-maintainable autonomous applications.

MESG aims to tackle three large challenges within the business and tech industries simultaneously:

MESG Marketplace

The MESG Marketplace is made up of by two kinds of participants: some create Modules and get paid for their work, and others save time in the integration of powerful features.

Monetize your development skills

MESG has a market-driven economy where developers generate income by building Modules and making them available to others to employ in their own applications.

Modules are discreet, functional components of applications built by developers that can make up significant portions of apps, such as connections to APIs or blockchains. Once built, Modules can be sold, purchased or re-used.

The creators of Modules are free to choose the price in MESG Tokens that developers will pay to use them. Upon each Module integration, a token payment is delivered back to the creator.

This economy is set to debut at the end of January, 2019. Get a head start by creating Modules today!

Integrate powerful features

Modules purchased on the Marketplace can be easily plugged into any application.

This eliminates much of the repetitive work in development, delivering companies and developers significant time savings, not only in deployment, but in maintenance throughout the life of the application.

Plus, MESG’s open Marketplace gives developers access to exciting, cutting-edge Modules, which allow quick implementation of features from the most popular and useful technologies.

Developers and companies seeking accelerated efficiency and exciting features form the other major player in the MESG Marketplace, creating steady demand in the economy of development.

Until the release of the Marketplace at the end of January 2019, all Modules will temporarily be shared for free on Github.

MESG Engine

Divergent tech

Today, one of the biggest challenges in the tech industry is the efficient connection between separate systems. Companies spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually to connect them. To make matters worse, each year, an increasing number of disparate new devices, products and applications are created.

Optimize development hours

Today’s popular way of developing applications is to code a direct connection between two or more systems. This process is costly, inefficient and requires frequent and complex overhauls.

Connections are everything

MESG is built for ultimate flexibility, allowing for the connection of nearly every system and technology in a normalized way. MESG Modules connect directly to the source of data through APIs, decentralized networks or standalone microservices. The MESG Engine then provides connectivity between those Modules and other devices and applications.

Build solutions - Be useful

The Engine allows you to control the flow of data and the level of security between all connected technologies. Modules can be combined together into workflows, and those workflows can be combined into applications. The opportunities and possibilities are limitless.

MESG Features

Rapid feature integration

Plug features into any application - The company is even using MESG to build MESG itself.

Multi-language applications

MESG mixes a gRPC API and a container based module approach to offer the most flexibility to developers.

Event-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture allows any services to produce events and react to other with loosely coupled dependencies.

Autonomous workflows

MESG features flow-based programming to create reactive applications with endless possibility.

Hybrid decentralized applications
MESG’s decentralized network will enable you to run centralized services in decentralized trustless environments.

Scalable applications

The mix of an Event-driven architecture and a decentralized network offers an high scalability and redundancy infrastructure

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MESG Token

The MESG Token is an ERC20 standard on Ethereum Blockchain. Pre-built Services will be sold on the Network using MESG Tokens, allowing developers to receive income each time their Service is used, while rewarding each network supporter with passive income from their participation. The MESG Foundation offers tokens through exchanges using an innovative Algorithmic Token Offering system

Token Distribution

Total token supply 250MM
Sale Distribution 62.5%
Reserve 20%
Team and Founders 12.5%
Partners & Bounties 5%

The MESG Team

The MESG Foundation is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to the creation of a new economy for developers.

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