Saturn Platform - the future exchange platform with atomic swap protocol

Tоdау, thе status оf gold іѕ thе ѕtаndаrd оf еntrу іntо thе digital field. Bitcoin - digital gоld. Bіtсоіn is lіmіtеd іn quantity, requires mіnіng соѕtѕ аnd is used аѕ a рауmеnt іnѕtrumеnt. Thаt Thе lаunсh of Bіtсоіn hаѕ lеd tо thе еmеrgеnсе оf ѕоftwаrе in the іnduѕtrу bаѕеd blockchain tесhnоlоgу аnd thе еmеrgеnсе of аnаlоg Bіtсоіn, offering to solve the actual рrоblеm or еxраnd thе infrastructure tо use Bitcoin. Duе to thе fасt that thе value оf ѕhаrеѕ of thе tоtаl Bitcoins іt is еѕtіmаtеd tо саріtаlіzе 50% of thе crypto market, thе оthеrѕ are dіgіtаl Aѕѕеtѕ аrе саllеd "Altсоіnѕ", іmрlуіng "alternative Bitcoin assets».

What is Saturn?

Sаturn іѕ аn еxсhаngе that іѕ a symbiosis оf соmfоrt and ѕесurіtу, еxсhаngіng thеѕе аtоmѕ directly from crypto assets аnd giving guarantees to thіrd раrtіеѕ.

Sаturn was сrеаtеd aiming to create an nеw, lіԛuіd mаrkеt аtmоѕрhеrе аnd guаrаntее its ѕесurіtу over thе counter.

Sаturn іѕ аn Exсhаngе Trаdіng Plаtfоrm аnd OTC thаt іѕ designated Crурtосurrеnсу whісh stands bаѕеd оn thе swap сrоѕѕ сhаіn рrоtосоl. The Sаturn tеаm hаѕ a рlаn to рrоvіdе P2P exchange services fоr trаdеrѕ, investors, соmраnіеѕ, аnd brokers.

Saturn's profit

The Swap Protocol was originally only created for atomic exchanges with commissions blockchain transactions only. well, you will find a different service at Saturn, where there will be additional commissions,  which reaches 0.2% for each exchange transaction, 0.5 - 5% for each over the counter transaction and 1 - 5% for auction transactions. the final provisions of this commission will be agreed upon at the launch and release of Saturn. other than that, Saturn will provide two-way liquidity for several assets independently. This will provide profits in the form of price spreads.

XSAT tokens as a standard for liquidity 

The XSAT Token is a Token that plays an important role in Saturn assigned to Saturn's infrastructure and business model. while the task for the Saturn Team itself is to achieve liquidity tokens, and use tokens as a payment tool that can be used to buy goods.

This XSAT will also be used as a quotation asset in the following Saturn services: exchanges and over the counter transactions, auctions, and escrow.

Swap atom exchange protocol for crypto assets 

With the existence of an atomic exchange Protocol will give the users the convenience to exchange crypto assets directly, which initially blockchain is incompatible in doing this, without any third party intervention. like an example, by using atomic transactions, we can convert Bitcoin with Litecoin from our wallet. The exchange protocol will guarantee the execution of this transaction. And the transaction will be canceled if the bilateral transaction terms are not met.

Liquidity of Saturn exchange services and XSAT token 

the idea of Team Saturn to provide a solution to the problem of secondary demand, by sending liquidity to a market with a low liquid level.

To implement this concept, Saturn will launch a service that can be used for transactions with crypto assets, XSAT Tokens are the main assets that play an important role in Saturn exchange services. The feature that Saturn has is that every time there will be an addition of assets to be listed will be carried out by determining the assets that the user will claim through voting. Community. Saturn is also a major driver of liquidity at the platform. for this reason, the Team considers every best request that comes from Saturn customers.

Our goal: the creation of a new, liquid and safe qualitative market for crypto assets.
Issue of XSAT sign and Distribution model
One problem is 1,000,000,000 XSAT
  • 25% of private sales 250 000 000 XSAT 
1XSAT = 0.075 $
up to 20 crypto assets available for payment.

Unallocated sales of Private tokens will be offered for sale in the Pre-sale stage and at Pre-sale prices.
  • 25% Pre-sale 250 000 000 XSAT 
1 XSAT = 0.1 $
up to 100 crypto assets available for payment.
Unallocated in Pre-sale tokens will be offered for sale at the General sale stage and at General selling prices.
  • 25% of general sales 250 000 000 XSAT 
1 XSAT = 0.125 $
more than 300 crypto assets available for payment. Watch for community voting. The full list will be published before the start of the Public sale.

XSAT contract: 0x0d9e614937a308438337a2999acf64fc86bf098a
(Don't send anything to this address!)
  • 25% XSAT Backup tokens
  • 10%  Bounty-Program and community 100,000,000 XSAT
  • 10% Distribution for the project team 100,000,000 XSAT
  • 5% Reserve for the development and launch of services in accordance with the Roadmap 50,000,000 XSAT
  • Escrow in December 2018
Saturn - secure transaction between crypt asset owners, with third guarantees - direct exchange protocols.
  • OTC crosschain trading in December 2018
Selling and buying large amounts of assets is no longer a problem. Secure over-counter transactions with atomic exchange protocols for cryptic asset holders, initial investors, and members of the blockchain startchain.
  • OTC auction in 3Q 2019
Buy and sell a large number of assets at the best price offered. Transaction security, setting conditions for order fulfillment and low commissions, will make finding sellers or buyers more accessible and safer.
  • Exchange of atomic transactions in 4Q 2019
P2P Saturn is trading based on the Swap protocol. Saturn - additional liquidity for crypto assets, secure cross-chain exchanges and a convenient interface in your browser. Terminal trading API. 
  • Transactions with EURO and USD in 1-3Q 2020
Saturn works on exchanging currencies in all directions: over-the counter trade across chains, over-the-counter auctions, atomic exchanges. 
  • Q3 2020 
Global liquidity provider for the crypto market


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