Its not everyday that you can make money out from exchanges without big charges at every trade but this will be a good opportunity to grab for anyone in this business. Not any of those exchanges who did an ICO are allowing thier users to trade for free. I don’t remember any of them.

DAXICO Exchange

Not just another exchange project doing ICO! Its DAXICO exchange. Yep. You can never have enough. Countless projects are being since the dawn of time of cryptocurrencies yet we are still in the dawn of this industry. What made this blockchain project different from the rest is that, they don’t ask for funding. DAXICO isn’t doing initial coin offering (ICO), their token is currently even traded on their own exchange right now and they are up to make their native DAXI token to work as trade fees in their platform.

There was a time when exchanges list a token base on the votes of the project community. Once they find out there would be enough support which can make good volume and enough for them to make money as well. But if you have been in the crypto industry for years, things had become diffirent.
You’ll realize that in order for a coin to get listed on the exchange, the team would have to pay enormous amount of USD. Some of the teams do the other way around, they prefer to create a coin and then an exchange of their own.

What Makes DAXICO Diffirent Among Other Exchanges?

Most exchange, you would have to give up your email address when you register to them and worse is that they asks for your IDs such as passport to lift up your trading limits and eventually you can withdraw up to more than 100 BTC. DAXICO isn’t doing all that to you. This I think will be a positive exchange for those who wants anonymity. What you only get when you register is the login details and a mnemonics phrase that you will generate for recovery purpose in case you forget your password. And for security of course you can set up 2fa authentication.

The exchange also has the familiar interface to which if you have used the usual exchanges in the past then guaranteed you’ll get your way around with DAXICO as well. They are making this easy for any traders to make their business and also they also have a wallet that supports multiple assets. It
doesn’t yet have the full feature of a sophisticated platform yet for there need to have an upgrade. Features like chart indicators are yet not implemented but this will work still specially because the rest of us rely mostly on fundamental analysis and news affecting prices.

Anonymous Traders

So many exchanges had been hacked before and funds, tokens were taken including the KYC data which were being solve in the Darknet. In order to avoid this, DAXICO i doing their best for trader’s security. And because
DAXICO don’t ask anything for registrants, this will allow users to be as anonymous as possible and the way traders want because they don’t have to submit KYC procedures. Great for users concern about their privacy.

Benefits Being an Investor

We’ll of course discounts in trade fees and the project also honors the holders of the token to which the platform will give dividends to those investors who holds DAXI tokens in their wallets. This is a good reason to invest in a project.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 DAXI
Contract: 0x5357b9265375ee83a56fe8a74c25e2d486f784b7
Decimals: 8


All Daxico services, DAXI token, and dividend payouts are not available to resident or citizens of the restricted countries:

  • United States of America
  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • North Korea

Daxico may ask token holders to provide documents to verify that they are not a resident or citizen of a restricted country.

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