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Recently, in the blockchain and cryptocurrency topic there is one burning topic, namely, the regulation of the ICO market. At the same time, enthusiasts from the world of crypto-currency were divided into 2 camps. The former support any methods of state regulation (including SEC and AML methods). Others say that we can handle it ourselves. Like, we have all for this - both smart contracts and decentralization.

The creator of Ethereum, Vitaly Buterin, is also more inclined to the second side, and even put forward the idea of DAICO, where it was clearly stated how using smart contracts you can make project teams work in the interests of investors.

But, the world does not stand still, and DAICO has much to evolve. Let's look carefully today at the project, which offers the next transformation of the current unsafe and, in some places, lost trust, ICO into a new generation of ICO.E - investment projects that will be completely transparent.

Eqwity is a decentralized platform on the blockchain, which offers a completely new approach to investment projects (ICO.E), which is characterized by absolute transparency and trust from investors. In addition, after fees at ICO.E, the project remains regulated by investors in the full sense of the word. So how exactly do they direct the company and make decisions.

Of course, my attentive reader will immediately ask himself a question, but what is the difference between Eqwity from other similar projects? I will immediately say one thing - these other projects are similar to each other, and Eqwity, apart from the idea itself, has a completely different concept from them. And about her we will speak further.

Eqwity Ecosystem and Operating Principles

The entire ecosystem of the Eqwity platform is divided into 4 full sections. At the same time, their implementation depends directly on the fees for the ICO project - the more there will be, the more sections will be implemented. But let's talk about everything.

ICO.E platform

ICO.E platform - full transparency of investments and bilateral interest of project founders and investors .

The main element of ICO.E is a bilateral interest in everything: investment, transparency, trust, financial stability to market changes, project viability rating (PoV). For these purposes several basic approaches will be used:

KYF procedure. The procedure for verifying the identity of the founder has never been so thorough. Everything will now be made available to investors and the community from financial history to police records (if any).

Project Viability Audit (PoV). Independent experts on a decentralized platform - is this a fair and transparent rating? Naturally, everything will be registered in the blockchain and all information will be absolutely transparent and traceable. No anonymous ratings.

New level of influence on the company. Now the project utility token is not just a set of numbers in the blockchain. This is real ownership of the company's share, with real shares, assets, dividends in the future, and the right to vote!

Audit smart contracts. No more non-transparent promises that are not fulfilled (for example, burning the remaining tokens after the end of the ICO or the absence of payments to the bounty-seekers). Everything is guaranteed by experts from the decentralized network who check smart contracts for clear and timely execution.

Mandatory KYC and AML for potential investors. So that the company does not have any problems with the regulatory authorities, the Eqwity platform will take care of the investment transparency in advance.

Free marketing. If a company meets all the criteria for checking Eqwity, why not make it a small bonus? This applies to absolutely free marketing services within the platform.

Community voice

Community voice is a decentralized Internet platform for managing a company by the community and investors.

In essence, the basis for decentralized management of a company is the direct opportunity for investors to directly participate in decisions made by a company at different stages of its activity. The Eqwity platform provides several tools for this:

Real decentralized management. What if we discard the influence of each individual individual investor, which depends on the amount of funds invested, and take, as an axiom, a simple model - "1 investor - 1 vote"? That's when we get true decentralized, honest and transparent governance. And this particular scheme will be applied in Eqwity.

Referenda in real time. Eqwity will provide an opportunity to organize a vote on absolutely any issue relating to the company's activities - from finding a way out in a potentially dangerous situation to a complete change of leadership.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Serenity. The intelligent assistant based on AI, specially designed for Eqwity, will allow investors to easily adapt to their new role. Even if they had no previous experience in managing the company, Serenity will be able not only to prompt decisions at the right moment, but to conduct a full course of study for those who need it.

Community opinion. Special application Community Voice Mobile App. Allow the community to discuss pressing, but not strategic issues. For example, which projects are worthy to appear on the ICO.E platform, and which ones are not.

Cryptocurrency blockchain exchange

The blockchain cryptocurrency exchange is a decentralized exchange created for trading in utility tokens of projects attracted by Eqwity, including in the secondary market .

Eqwity is globally approaching the creation of a new exchange, where investors can trade their assets. For example, they introduce 2 new indexes for the stock market - BSE30 and BSE500. The BSE30 will get the top 30 companies by capitalization, the remaining 500, respectively, will receive the second largest index. In addition, Eqwity has the following objectives, creating its own stock exchange:

Creating a secondary market. First investors do not always want to stay their whole life in one project. Therefore, Eqwity wants to create conditions for them to exit the company, by reselling their own assets. Investors in the secondary market can also make good money at the same time, based on their understanding of the subsequent growth of a certain company.

Tokenization of company assets. Technologically, even an operating company can come to the Eqwity platform in order to switch to blockchain technologies. Eqwity will provide them with a whole set of tools for moving to a new level and attracting new investments.

The fastest smart contracts. Eqwity will provide for companies that have passed the entire verification procedure, the fastest and most intuitive set of tools for creating smart contracts. Absolutely for any purpose and vision, as long as they are confirmed by real assets.

Quick deals and the availability of all the popular cryptocurrency. Naturally, the exchange from Eqwity will take all new developments to speed up transactions, to work with a large number of existing and popular cryptocurrencies. It will be interesting and traders.

ICO Information

Token info:

→Ticker: EQY
→Platform: EOS
→Token Type: EOS
→Available for sale: 3,125,000,000 EQY (50%)


→ICO Price: 1 EQY = 0.01 USD
→Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, BCH
→Soft cap: 6000000 USD
→Hard cap: 16000000 USD

Token Distribution:


You know, while I was preparing to write this article and carefully studied the White Paper project, I continually slipped the following thoughts: “just a cool idea”. I think you understand, I really like this project. If earlier, when faced with analogs and the concept of DAICO, all the time it seemed to me that here a couple of points were not finalized, then I don’t find flaws in Eqwity.

A great concept, the London location of the company itself, a professional team of real enthusiasts - all this brings pleasant thoughts about the best future of Eqwity.

To better understand the project, please visit:
Website: https://www.eqwity.io
WhitePaper https: https://www.eqwity.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Eqwity_WhitePaper_ENG_1.0.pdf
Telegram: http://t.me/Eqwity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eqwity_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eqwity-925774120955061
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5053989

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