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Crypto money is not a spreading tool, although at the moment it is literally not spread over every area. It is not possible to pay our expenses with crypto money, especially in our daily lives. The impact of the lack of infrastructure and the healthy platforms we will use as a means of payment have not yet become widespread. However, with the Livenpay application, we can pay in stores or restaurants in agreement, and as a bonus, we will be able to earn bonuses and use these bonuses as a quality project. Our daily life has designed a platform and application in which we can use crypto coins.

Liven Network seamlessly integrates the award-based crypto-money economy into a market-leading consumer payment platform, providing a viable solution to the problems mentioned above. The Liven merchants allocate certain prizes to users for each transaction they make within the network. A user can purchase a meal by paying his bills via a credit or debit card through the Liven mobile app. Once the payment has been made, the user will immediately receive a percentage of his / her invoices as a reward and may donate to a charity.

If he doesn't donate, Liven Cash wins Liven Cash, which he can keep in his wallet. You can dine in a Liven venue, which is contracted with the added Liven cash. The new and updated Liven Platform aims to reward users with LVN Token while offering transactions in fiat currencies and a double-sided market system when trading Ethereum ERC-20 LVN Token at thousands of partner vendors on the market. Traders can choose to pay in LVN or fiat currency, regardless of the user's payment method. It is thought that these factors will lead people to crypto money and encourage more widespread use of crypto money.

Livenpay App Benefits and Review

Consumers will be able to get back in cash at a rate of 10-30% of the amount on a regular basis during the payment of goods and services through the LivenPay application. In this way, this amount to make transactions on the stock exchange, wallet to make payments, to make donations to charities, or to give to your family and friends as a gift to the platform allows users to use.

I've downloaded the app and have seen a very successful work that I've reviewed. If you have friends who want to download Livenpay's official site, link can download and review. Although we do not serve food order in our country, I think they will serve in our country in the near future. When I downloaded the application, I started using it with a simple recording. They have designed a user-friendly interface. You can swim quickly without freezing. If you search for the name of the food you want to find alternatives to you immediately. After choosing the place to order, you can see the photos, address, phone number and an average score of the users.

With Livenpay application, the use of crypto money will become more widespread. Because when people get this application, they will get Liven Token to get more rewards thanks to their payments and invoices. LivenPay is a user-friendly project that responds to the needs of a large number of users, providing tangible benefits to small businesses and customers. Obviously, I look forward to the opening of use in our country. They offered us a platform where we can use both crypto money and add credit card. I will follow the project closely and inform you of new updates. If you would like to get more information about the project and to participate in the project's ICO,

Token Sale Details

The LivenPay ICO Public sale will open on the 28th of February

The solution from LivenPay, called LivenNetwork, is based on the first decentralized blockchain that allows each user to connect as a node and each family of blockchain units to create this network framework, users will be able to pay for goods and services using the LVN platform, LivenPay and freedom to monetizing LIVENPAY BLOCKCHAIN ​​helps simplify the exchange of control over data around the world that is very smart and you can rely on it so you don't have to worry about exchanging your LVN with ETHEREUM or other tokens around the world and shortening the digital currency exchange you have and not worrying about people know because (Gaia's computationally spatial blockchain network) it's very transparent.

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