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CBNT is a decentralized professional content sharing community based on blockchain technology and an ecosystem model of DPGC (Decentralization Professional Generated Content). In the beginning, we will focus on blockchain and professional financial investment content. CBNT will create a win-win ecosystem for all participants, including content/articles providers, content readers (viewer), ad publishers, and token holders. In the CBNT community, whether you are content generators or content viewers, both sides can receive tokens “Mining Rewards”. As CBNT grows and traffic boosts, all the profit of numerous ads will also be distributed to all of the participants.

Innovation in the CBNT community: participating is mining; 100% profit exchanging; community autonomy model; practicing decentralized self-operation management “group wisdom”. All participants in this ecosystem can get 100% corresponding rights and benefits, thus to achieve a win-win system of “content, traffic, and advertising.”

Project Description

Project Background

According to recent reports, about 3 billion people worldwide use social media. Facebook, the most popular social platform, has more than 2.2 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2018. It is the most widely distributed and most popular social network in the world today. With such a huge amount of traffic, how much profit can be generated for Facebook?

CBNT’s thinking

Since the first general-purpose computer in the world, humans have spent more than 70 years doing unlimited sharing and free distribution of information. The superior content generators and communicators provide high-quality content to Facebook, Zhihu (China Quora), Jinri Toutiao etc. These user-generated Social Content Platforms have billions of dollars in profit every year. This profit and value are connected to the huge amount of traffic brought by those content creators, yet they don’t have absolute control over the contents they created. Content creators are also not rewarded with equal financial benefit.

CBNT Sharing Ecosystem

Ecosystem Value of CBNT

High-Quality Content Creators:

  • High-quality content will be rewarded with more tokens, which equal financial benefit and reflect the value of creations.
  • Second, lots of traffic will lead to high-quality content and generate advertising value.
  • Content creators can realize additional benefits from their specialized knowledge through the establishment of paid readings, paid sharing groups and paid Q&As.
Advertising Value—Sharing Between All Participants

For the most part, stakeholders of traditional companies do not receive many dividends, and they are not able to be rewarded based on their contributions either. They can only make profits when the stock price rises.

CBNT’s Design Concept

Mining Mechanism

CBNT tokens will be released from the Mining pool at a fixed time every day as an incentive. The incentives will be divided into 3 parts: 45% for authors (content creators), 45% for content viewers and communicators (likes, comments, sharing), and 10% to CBNT token holders whose tokens are in a locked state.

Token Amount

Part of the mining value of the viewers is derived from the number of tokens held. The more tokens held, the higher the weight of the mining value and the more the mining incentives will be rewarded in the future.

Contribution Value

Each user has his own contribution value (similar to Alipay Sesame Credit Score), which is mainly used to measure how much the user contributes to the community. The contribution value has nothing to do with the number of tokens held and the number of tokens locked but gains from commenting, liking, sharing, and other activities.


Secondly, the behavior of evaluating the value of high-quality content is forwarding and sharing. Users can share good-quality content with friends and can also be shared with social media.

Caibao Room—A Basket of Digital Assets

CBNT’s token nickname is the caibao token, referring to the Chinese characters for wealth and treasure. The caibao room will be built on the CBNT platform to store the advertising revenues of the CBNT homepage (BTC, ETH, ERC-20 USDT etc.) and 10% the author’s homepage advertising incentives. CBNT token holders will have the right of entering the Caibao room. In the Caibao room, according to their holding amount of CBNT, they will have right to exchange 1 CBNT token for a proportional amount of BTC, ETH, and CBNT etc. The amount of digital assets will be rewarded in proportion to the total amount of CBNT in the user’s account which is recorded by the hourly snapshot.

Account & Registration System

CBNT will provide a complete account registration system, and users must complete account registration via mobile phone number. After entering the CBNT system, we will assign a unique digital identity and CBNT digital wallet to the user.

Content Creator Verification Mechanism

CBNT will design a relevant verification mechanism to verify the basic information of content creators, including real-name certification, past content display, professional competence and other dimensions.

System Structure

Technical Feasibility

Although the development of blockchain technology is fast and is maturing, there are still many problems to be solved to fully meet the needs of the market and users. Currently, the biggest problems are transaction performance, transaction verification, and high transfer fees.

Management Organization

The CBNT community will be managed by the GRANDDREAM FOUNDATION LTD., a nonprofit foundation established in Singapore.

Community Autonomy Structure

Finance and Audit

In order to ensure the governance of CBNT is open and transparent, we will hire a professional audit agency to conduct audits and the reports will also be published regularly.

Token Information

Token Symbol: CBNT
Total Supply: 10 Billion
Token Type: ERC 20

Token Allocation

As CBNT is a proof of platform ecosystem, CBNT token holders can enjoy rights on the platform, like revenue sharing, supervision, voting etc.

CBNT Foundation

The CBNT Foundation will hold 2 billion CBNT accounting for 20% of the total. This will ensure the completion of technical project development, as well as subsidize operating and maintenance costs.

Development Plan/ Roadmap

March 2018

CBNT project start-up; preparation for the business rules, process design, and communication with content creators, etc.

Sep. 2018

Listing of CBNT Beta version; invite community members to form a beta team and complete a system test.

Oct. 2018

Listing CBNT 1.0 version, available for IOS and Android users.

Sep. 2019

Gradually achieve group wisdom decision-making, and establish a self-operated distributed community with ecosystem co-construction, community co-governance, and revenue sharing, and in which each CBNT holder can participate in community elections, business decision-making activities, etc.

Team member


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