Blockium kicks off its IEO with Coineal exchange

Blockium – the unique financial gamification platform, uniting stocks & crypto traders by launching an IEO on Coineal exchange.

Blockium provides the crowd with the innovative possibility to execute financial trading against friends & strangers and make huge daily profits. The community (30K users existing) will get incentives back from the platform in air-drop trading competitions, as well as for sharing, liking, writing or streaming content.

If you are a trader like me then Blockium is a god gifted chance to earn more passive income, well, let us discuss how we can earn passive income through Blockium and how Blockium is different from other exchanges.

This platform completely works on Blockchain so there is no chance in fraudulent.

Coming on to the platform it combines gaming and finance, Blockium allows traders to execute financial trading skills directly against friends and strangers, and make huge daily profits with minimum risk.

Blockium-Trading Platform

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How Blockium Works?

1. Choose Competition

Blockium provides a wide variety of trading competitions and tournaments, and use your financial skills to compete with friends & strangers and win daily cash prizes, Your entry fee is the only risk, as well as your key to earning big.

2. Create Your Portfolio

Choose your assets wisely and create your portfolio, This platform also offers various tools and features, including live charts, tips and news market analytics.

3. Best Portfolios Win

By the end of the competition, the highest portfolio wins. And the winning portfolio can earn big money prizes.

Blockium kicks off its IEO with Coineal exchange to let traders execute financial skills against friends and strangers.

After finishing its first IEO round on BitForex, Blockium, the innovative financial gamification platform is launching its second IEO on Coineal exchange to upgrade UX for traders while maximizing their profits in its improved token economy

Blockium makes trading against friends, colleagues, and strangers possible at any budget size, using its advanced blockchain and tokenized technology. The platform built for financial markets, that gives users the ability to trade directly against other traders for the first time ever, using its smart P2P mechanism and advanced integrations.

Blockium’s IEO will be administered through Coineal cryptocurrency exchange to raise funds for the company’s newly issued token, aiming to help crypto holders invest their tokens while doubling profits on an accessible blockchain infrastructure. Complete tokenization of Blockium will effectively meet the needs of both novice and senior traders by upgrading the user experience with newly added values and features embedded within platform, including an accepted entrance fee that suits any budget imaginable. Blockium empowers its trading community by allowing users to become investors and unofficial partners when holding its exclusive token, which they can compete with and turn great profit.

The total supply under the token name and symbol Blockium (BOK) is 650,000,000 at an IEO limited session supply of 2,600,000 on Coineal exchange. The issue price will be offered at USD 0.023, with 5% bonus for the buyers.

  • May 2016 Development starts
  • January 2017 Microsoft Bizspark + (azure) sponsorship ($120K)
  • January 2018 First fundraising  ($5M valuation)
  • May 2018 IBM cloud Blockchain sponsorship ($120K)
  • June 2018 Blockium desktop version Launch
  • September 2018 Blockium is available in App store & Google play
  • October 2018 20K Unique users
  • Febuary 2019 Second fundraising  ($10M valuation)
  • April 2019 Sponsors of $100K AWS – Amazon 
  • June 2019 Blockium 2 IEO´s | Bitforex & Coineal
  • June 2019 Listing in Bitforex & Coineal 
  • September 2019 Blockium expansion – Asia
  • December 2019 Product second version with more massive features and invest option

Blockswap — moving Blockium (BOK) from Ethereum to Binance Chain

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