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Whether we like it or not, life goes on somehow. And in this passing life, our time, resources, health and money somehow fall at the back of us and leave us. Each of these aspects is a section of our lives. Among these, time and cash resources are familiar as the most important in our societies. We have heard a lot of time = money in our contemporary lives. I will discuss about the Mycro project, which will existing a one of a kind method to these issues.

Have you observed that these two ideas are usually on the equal path? You can meet humans who have a lot of money, however you have little free time. I suppose every of us is surrounded via at least one person. Spending the money earned makes you happy, but unluckily he cannot commit time to his family, youngsters and wife. Thus, some negative residue is fashioned on the soul.

But there is some other state of affairs in lifestyles where a person typically spends a lot of free time and can spend more time with his family. However, there is no suitable economic achieve for this situation. This is why a vicious circle is formed. But you desired to get rid of this infertility? There is a inspiration from a venture group that will reply the question and purpose to solve the problem. Let’s seem to be at this together.

What is the Purpose of Mycro Jobs

The fundamental concept of ​​the venture is to create an revolutionary answer to the problem of lack of time and lack of money. This mission will supply all types of humans their work or care to others and get the effects they favor (free time or money). It is a mobile software that will encompass all sorts of people, quite a number non permanent work.

How will the working principle be?

If we favor to give an explanation for with the aid of giving examples; you want to spend a day with your family but you don’t have adequate time to rest with them in the park. Instead do a giant list of household chores that require long amassed and immediately implementation. This can encompass everything: cleaning the apartment, mowing lawns, washing and ironing mattress linen.

But with Mycro, you have the risk to entrust some of your work to any one who is equipped to get hold of a economic reward for it. So you can clear up two essential problems instantly. You will be in a position to spend time with your household and do all the household chores. There are heaps of examples of this kind. Since enterprise types can be a totally distinct plan, it is a variety that can range from home services to delivery services, to terminate a variety of digital and splendid services.

What will be the features?

Since the predominant characteristic of the project is its availability, openness and ease of use, it is a magnificent advantage that it will be in blockchain technology. It will be primarily based on all other ideas of interaction of the members of this platform. Smart contracts and an intelligent algorithm will assist to manipulate these relationships. The phrases of the agreement shall be deemed to be profitable where each parties are comfortable with the achievement of their obligations. In addition, contributors will have an assessment beneath Mycro so that the organization will have the possibility to evaluate the manageable worker in advance.

This coverage of interplay within the decentralized community will without delay connect with the right expert, while maximizing the reliability and larger popularity of all participants. As a result, you will often agree that a man or woman who can do your job does not stay a long way from you. However, you are now not even in doubt because they each use the incorrect tools for communication and interaction. This trouble will be solved with Mycro. Job seekers and all the crucial information about them will be right away on hand to you when filling out the request form, which will have a effective impact on the closing call duration.

MYO (Mycro) Turbo in Bitforex


Time: 2019/06/11 21:00–2019/06/12 9:00 (GMT+8)
Allocation: 800,000 MYO
Price: 0.25 USD


Time: 2019/06/12 21:00–2019/06/14 21:00 (GMT+8)
Allocation: 2,000,000 MYO
Price: 0.30 USD

Trading Pair

MYO Token Sale and Economics

As a result

I would like to point out that the assignment has a very interesting concept. If we speak about the task in extra detail, I advise you to seem at Mycro separately. To do this easily, I’ve introduced all the essential hyperlinks at the backside of the article, with one click you’ll be in a position to get all the official information about this project.




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